I grew up a Republican. I told school members and friends that I belonged to the Republican party. I really didn’t know what made me a Republican, but my mother told me that I was. That was fine with me. However, in college, I was sitting in a political science class and we were discussing the 1992 election with Bill Clinton.  I was making my case in class about my beliefs (which I thought were republican) this really confused my instructor, he asked me, “Are you sure you are a Republican?” I said, “Yes, my mother told me that I was.” He chuckled and said, “Well…then you may not know the difference between the two parties.” He then explained the key differences within the parties. The first time in my life, something started to make sense. I knew I was born a democrat.

Yes, I said, it – born. How liberal of me. 🙂 I think if you opened up a conservative brain and a liberal brain – you could identify each brain by its political party. Now, I am not saying that my brain is better than a conservative’s brain – I am saying, my brain lights up differently than the conservatives’. We just have to learn to communicate with each other – which, seems like for generations, impossible.  But, I always say anything is possible.

But, that is me – I have a positive attitude and I am okay with it. I can see how both sides are right and wrong. Not one system is perfect or we would all think the same and that would be so boring. And, I don’t do boring.

Pop some pop-corn and enjoy the show.

Your snarky blogger, Candace



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