how moral is laura?

i just took the sacredness quiz that the above article linked to and i’ll see if i can paste the results here.  My values are the ones in green.




interesting that conservatives are slightly more willing to harm someone for money in both graphs (but only slightly — don’t be too proud of yourselves, liberals!) but less willing to do something that violates their values in the other four categories.  maybe that’s because the harm category also includes suffering short-term personal harm, which i admit i’d be willing to do for money (depending on the harm in question).  i used to think that everyone had their price, myself included, but after taking this test i’m not sure.  some things i wouldn’t do for money b/c i just don’t care enough to respond.  you might say that the prior price is that the action would cost me time and energy which i’m not willing to expend.  for instance, i don’t care one way or the other about throwing a tomato at a politician i disagree with (even if, according to the test, i could guarantee i wouldn’t get caught).  i just don’t care enough to expend the energy.  but i think i’d be willing to listen to music i hate (probably country or death metal or contemporary christian music from the 80s) at high volume for 24 hours w/o sleeping for money.  in this case the effort i’d have to expend is minimal (you just endure) and it’s kind-of a competition which would easily suck me in.  so i’d be game here.
what about you?  what would you be willing or unwilling to do for money?

6 thoughts on “how moral is laura?

  1. On the first chart, I scored:
    Harm: 8, Fairness: 7.2, In Group: 4.7, Authority: 5.8, Purity: 7.2

    I simply will NOT stick a pin into a strange kid’s hand. Not that I wouldn’t WANT to… Really, really badly…

    I thought I’d be able to slap my father with his permission for free. But I couldn’t bring myself to click that. I moved to the next dollar amount. Nope… As it turns out, It would take me 1 million. But I’d do it.Now if I didn’t have his permission? No way.

    The other one that gave me clicker-cramps was The blood transfusion of a child molester. If I was dying, I’d do it for free. If it’s simply to make money… then $100…$1000…no wait… 100k. Maybe. 1mil, yes. But …. it would make me squirm. A lot. But why? I know there is no soul in the blood. It won’t turn me into a pedder. But it still seems…icky?

    I found myself similar to Laura in that many I couldn’t be bothered to do. But I could find myself bothered enough for typically $100k.

    How many times did I answer “for no money?”
    Harm: 4, Fairness: 3, In Group: 1, Authority: 1, Purity: 3

  2. My first chart, Harm = 8, Fairness = 7.7, In-group = 7.7, Authority = 6.5 and Purity = 8

  3. There is another test on that site called “Moral Foundations Questionnaire.” It kind of works hand-in-hand with this one, but looks more at the root of where your first answers came from. On this one, I’m clearly aligned with the Republican scores which surprises me because some of my answers (I imagined) were liberal.

  4. I just don’t think that I should inflict pain on someone to gain financially. I also said, I would never take a blood infusion from a child pedophile. I don’t know – would I change my mind, if my life depended on it. But, to gain financially – no thank you. So, what does this say about me?

  5. You’re secretly the 1% and don’t need the extra cash.

  6. OK – now, I get it – there isn’t a like option! 10-4

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