Which political party are you comfortable with?

Which political party are you comfortable with?

Are you still searching? Do you always vote the same way because that is what you were told to do? You would be surprised how many people out there don’t know what they vote for. Take the test to find out where you stand on important issues.


10 thoughts on “Which political party are you comfortable with?

  1. Republican Party: 90%
    Modern Whig Party: 86%
    Democratic Party: 66%
    Constitution Party: 65%
    Green Party: 19%
    Libertarian Party: 18%

    “You are a conservative. You think the government should stop wasting money on social programs that are abused by far too many. Many government programs should be privatized to include Social Security, Welfare and perhaps even education.”

    Modern Whig:
    “You are a moderate. You think the partisanship in Washington has gone too far, and demand common sense solution for complicated problems. Our leaders need to set their ideologies aside and work together.”

    When I read the descriptions of Republican and Modern Whig, Whig is actually closer to what I think. It’s probably a matter of a single answer where I wasn’t comfortable with any of the choices. There were certainly a few that needed some middle ground. Am I a moderate? More so than others I know, but I wouldn’t generally think of myself as one. I’m very conservative, but perhaps only in social aspects. However, I do agree with the statement that partisanship has gone too far.

    Example from just the descriptions:
    Do I think the government should stop wasting money on social programs that are abused by far too many? Yes, but not the way you think. Stop wasting the money, but don’t stop the programs. Rather, I think the government should put practices in place that prevent abuse of the programs so that the current programs will work more effectively.

    Do I think many government programs should be privatized?
    Health: Yes, but a combo. Let me pick what works best for me. And if am too poor to afford it, then allow the government to assist until I can change my situation. (Easier said than done.)
    Education: No. I don’t think Education should be privatized, nor do I think private schools should be abolished. I also don’t think that it should be SO public as to go with Schools of Choice. Again, keep the combo system we have.

    • Yes! I agree 100% The government should stop wasting money on abused social programs. For example, we all know someone who has kids, receives food stamps and they can buy a case of beer every day. I call that abuse! Now, think of that same person having to volunteer 20 hours a week for their community. Would they continue on the food stamp program or would they realize they can get a job and buy their beer with their own money?

      • Actually, I don’t know anyone like that (neener neener! :p ), but I’ve heard stories.

        Incidentally, it always amazes me when I hear of that because the gov’mint (USDA) says you cannot buy beer with stamps

        “Households CANNOT use SNAP benefits to buy Beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes or tobacco…” (as of 2/16/12)

        So, perhaps stronger penalties for stores that allow it to happen (like for those who sell alcohol to minors). At the very least, institute drug testing for the programs.

  2. why buy a cow when you can get milk for free?

    • Because the free milk comes with strings attached. And no bacon.

      As a recipient of free lunches at school, I can tell you that you are required to take all of the items in the food groups, whether or not you are going to eat them. Milk, Entree, Fruit/Veggie, and …. bread? But my kids never eat it all. The waste of food is CRAZY, but mandatory. My kids know they aren’t going to eat the blah blah item and would prefer to follow the home rules, “don’t take what you won’t eat.” But they aren’t allowed. To balance the scales, our schools have started a program so at least the food isn’t totally wasted: compost for the schools yards and gardens. All the food goes to a special area where it rots and then gets used to grow flowers.

      And still, no bacon.

      • i was referring to the reason why people don’t just wake up one morning and go, “oh. hey — i can buy beer with my own money. i should do that.” i wouldn’t. and i do in fact drink beer on occasion (though to digress: i tried the michelob ultra once b/c it was low-carb and i’m diabetic and it totally sucked).

        the point being a couple of things, i guess: one, people will always game the system. there is no way to prevent that. “if men were angels, no government would be necessary” (james madison in “the federalist papers”). but the best administrators of those kind of programs are the kind which allow for the liberal (!) use of common sense, which experience shows is probably done at the local level. unless of course there is an incentive to game the system by the administrators, which just makes everything elephants all the way down. i think the waste in most public systems is to be found on the administrative level where people have a vested interest in perpetuating a program (regardless of its effectiveness) b/c of the benefits that accrue to them for doing so.

  3. Well…I was speaking of my family. Ironically, they are Republican. They have money to purchase the beer and use the foodstamps for food. People know how to work and abuse the system. I think this is why everyone is so angry. And, I completely understand.

  4. I would 10-4 you up there, vellellengallah, but there is no reply button.

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