Naomi Schaefer Riley speaks

check out her op-ed in today’s WSJ:


the folks at the comical of higher education appear to have been brainwashed.


3 thoughts on “Naomi Schaefer Riley speaks

  1. do you have the original blog? i would love to take a gander at it. i think – society, tends to jump the gun on issues like this. i remember in high school one of my fellow journalist writers needed police protection, because of a word she used in her article – but, she used it in a history context. people see one thing and just jump and don’t process the context.

    • oh — and i think riley’s ideas ought to be vigorously debated (though based on her op-ed i agree with her). what the Left appears not to understand in this — and many other — instances is that the solution to “hate” speech is not less speech but more speech. of course, i think a lot of college majors that go by the name of “_____ Studies” are probably overimportant in the eyes of academia. but that’s just me. (and i have 2/3 of a minor in Islamic Studies, so what do i know?)

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