krauthammer’s law

krauthammer’s law: conservatives think liberals are stupid; liberals think conservatives are evil.




3 thoughts on “krauthammer’s law

  1. I thought Krauthammer’s Law is “Everyone is Jewish until proven otherwise.”

    regarding the original statement, I liked Noonan’s retooling:
    “Democratic leaders in Washington are in a worse position than Republican leaders in Washington. Neither likes their base, really, and both think they are smarter. But the Democrats think, deep down, that their base is barking mad. The Republicans don’t. They just think their base is a bore.”

    My own thoughts are far less funny.

    I think both sides have members who are stupid. Both sides have members who are evil. Likewise, both sides have members that are intelligent and/or compassionate.

    There was a FB liberal recently who said any woman who votes republican deserves what she gets. I find that statement both stupid AND a little evil considering it sounds like he was wishing me harm. Also, it implies that at least one liberal thinks conservatives are stupid. I thought that statement had rolled off me a little easier, but I often find myself remembering that comment and how blatantly hurtful and rude it was. Yeah, I’m still angry. Still, I did not immediately assume that all liberals agree with him. And I did not take the bait.

    Then there was a liberal Snarkster who said she didn’t think of me as a hater and has engaged in dialog on issues that usually create party wars. I find that both intelligent and very not evil. And she created this place where we play nice. Where both sides are heard, and even if not agreed with, at least given respect. I haven’t thought about my political beliefs this much in years.

    I have a feeling that those who are stupid and/or evil are the ones who make more waves and get more attention for their comments (Rush & Cher, anyone?) while the rest of us are tired of having pot shots taken at our beliefs (both political and religious) and stay quieter. This results in the only voices being heard are the obnoxious ones and perpetuates the myth put forward in the original post.

    • That was a beautiful statement Jennifer. I just knew if people could have a conversation with someone they disagreed with you would find yourself saying, “I like that person. I may not agree with them, but they have wit and charm.” The have values or characterics that you can admire. Both parties have extremists that are so loud and angry. You will never be able to communicate with those folks. They need to seek treatment. 🙂 I want to live in a peaceful world and I want to hear people who aren’t extreme voice their concern s- represent themselves and their values – not about what their party thinks they should represent.

    • it is indeed a lovely place to play. and i love the noonan retooling, esp. the phrase “barking mad.”

      i confess i find that the greatest frustration i have with being stereotyped as a conservative is among colleagues, who infuse their political positions with a fair amount of moral intensity. i am among the conservative minority here (even in a professional christian organization) and i often feel afraid to question the political positions of others. i sometimes do feel like they are assuming certain positions out of ignorance. maybe that’s not nice, but it seems less extreme than being demonized. the consequence of my position is that i just tend to (fairly or unfairly) dismiss their perspective as being slightly uninformed and non-specifically educated regarding politics, economics, and international relations (in which i actually have a college degree). by contrast, the consequence of their position(s) is that i feel like less of a christian–in other words, that i am guilty of a moral failing. that is what can make me angry.

      ok: stupidity bugs me, too. but it’s not as personally painful.

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