away from my computer

just an fyi that i will be away from my desk for the next week so will probably not be posting (unless i just can’t help myself). i’ll be back with bells on sometime around the 18th!


13 thoughts on “away from my computer

  1. We will certainly miss you – enjoy your week!

  2. You’re going to leave me alone with a LIBERAL!?!?!?!?!? Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

  3. Would you vote for a politian because they kiss babies? And, why would a mom just hand over her baby to a politician? It just grosses me out with all their ass kissing. 🙂

  4. Depends on if the baby’s ass has been recently sterilized. Oh, that’s not the kind of ass kissing you meant, is t? 😀

    • Exactly, I bet you are going to hang on to your children now!! Wouldn’t that be fun to watch on the news ? I can see the caption, “mother refuses politician to kiss her baby!”

  5. there’s a clip of whitney houston (from her reality show with bobby brown) that they used to show on The Soup with her saying “kiss my ass!” to the camera. it would be funny to have an Easy Button that said that instead of “that was easy.”

  6. [like] <—-there you go. press it. see what happens.

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