“Extremes to the right and left of any political dispute are always wrong.”

Do you ever feel that you get pulled from two sides like you are the rope in a game of tug o war? Do you feel like your brain and opinions gets pulled into different directions. Do you ever find yourself agreeing to both sides of an issue and still feel both sides are wrong. Well, my friend welcome to my world.

I believe in free trade, but I don’t trust people so we need regulations. I don’t like abortion, but I also believe the government should stay out of my healthcare, but I want cheaper healthcare and pre-existing conditions to disappear. I don’t like welfare, but I can’t bare to think of children starving. I can’t stand traffic lights, but without them we would have chaos on the roads.

Whether you like it or not, we need a government. Hopefully, one day we will have a smart government and use it practically, but I seriously doubt it. Until then, we need to learn to work together and come up with ways to work with each other.


6 thoughts on ““Extremes to the right and left of any political dispute are always wrong.”

  1. I should’ve said something about this days ago, but you said it so well and I can think of nothing but, “yes!”

  2. Sorry I’m so late to join in on the fun.

    Candace – I understand your thought behind the feeling of Tug Of War.

    But…. What I find interesting is that so many people still see the world as two dimensional. Black, White – Republican, Democrat, Christian and everyone else.

    Perhaps it is natural for people to make every attempt to put beliefs, philosophies and behavior into neat little columns, categories. Without this how will we know what side of the rope to grab .

    I agree, the believe that you must pick a side is so ingrained in us, we can’t see another way of existing.

    I often think how wonderful it would be to get to the point a person stands up and says Hi, my name is >>>>>>>>> and I am running for political office, and this is what i will fight to change, this is how I want to help. This is my person philosophy and how I will use it to improve the community I serve. No need to have a Donkey or Elephant on their posters. No need to know their sexual orientation, their marital status, or the church or corner at which they worship. If they worship at all.

    I know folks are saying – Hey Toni that is what being an independent is all about. I hear you. I just don’t believe the rest of the political community does.

    Go forth and do good, make someone smile today! Toni

    • Well said! I wonder if I could actually trust a person if they didn’t list their party preference. I guess, as long as I knew the platform – I could be okay with that. I don’t know – I like to grab a side and hang on tight.

      • I might be more inclined to trust a person who does NOT reveal their party preference.

        I find that also works well with Christianity. I know there is a time and place for the in-your-face evangelist, but I have found relationships-first method to be far more effective. There are so many people who have been offended by Christians that if I reveal that about myself in the beginning, they will reject me outright without ever having gotten to know me. (And I’m very cool, so it’s a huge bummer for them.) However, if I form a relationship with someone first, then there is mutual respect upon which my faith can be discussed.

        I’d imagine it’s similar with politics. So far, this blog works so well because there were underlying friendships that help us keep in check. We’ve shared stories and life events that, when a political issue comes up, it’s not simply party lines drawn. We understand how the politics affect our friends directly. We still may not agree, but we understand how our statements might affect a specific person. It creates respectful dialog and accountability in our discussion styles.

        Same goes off-blog. I consider the political views of people I have a relationship with (no matter how new or loosely based) differently than those of people I’ve never met.

        Shame on me. But it’s true.

  3. The problem comes into play in identifying where those extremes actually are. The actual center has been pulled so far to the right over the last 40ish years that we have no public left any more. What passes for a left is only center-right.

    The first step towards a smart government is to stop the false belief in separateness. The government is us. It isn’t made up of aliens, foreigners or computers. It is our friends, our family, our neighbors and ourselves. We have to recognize that by setting up this “we” versus “them” situation we are allowing these same conditions to continue that causes us such frustration and prevents us from achieving any real dialogue or progress towards solutions.

    There are issues which simply cannot be solved in the private sector. The private sector is incapable of protecting minority rights. If it was left up to the private sector we would still have Jim Crow laws, and we will NEVER have marriage equality. Even now we have Libertarians that argue for the repeal of the Civil Rights legislations that exist and we have 29 states enacting laws and constitutional amendments specifically designed to prohibit marriage equality. As I wrote a few weeks ago in my blog, all contracts must be equal under the law, and legally speaking a marriage is nothing but a contract. If any religion has a problem with sanctioning that marriage, that then is a religious issue between that church and the individuals involved. These two things are distinct and separate.

    A tyranny of the majority is no better than a tyranny of the minority, and that is what a well functioning government of the people, for the people and by the people can achieve. That is one of the things which we have come to believe the Constitution was enshrined to achieve.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

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