home again

so i’m back from the great green north, no worse for wear, except for an unexpected encounter with mahwah police on my way to the camp i was at.


i got pulled over for “cutting off a police officer” — one who wasn’t in fact trying to pass me but probably should have if he was in that much of a hurry.  i ended up getting a ticket for an illegal license plate holder (!) and for not having a current proof of insurance in the car with me.  the license plate holder will end up costing $54 but hopefully they will waive the second ticket when i bring proof with me to court.  on tuesday.  in mahwah (2 hours north of me.)


oh, yes.  this ticket carries a mandatory court appearance with it.  apparently they can use their computers to look up my driver’s license number and all the info pertinent thereunto PLUS generate a printed ticket from the confines of the police car but they cannot go online and find my proof of insurance NOR can i submit said proof electronically.  so i get to take 5 hours from my tuesday to go show them a slip of paper.  i will not say so in court but i am saying most emphatically here in my safe place: this is ridiculous.


oh — and a question: what does one wear to municipal traffic court?


4 thoughts on “home again

  1. that bites! so, this illegal license plate holder – would it be the same one from the dealership? and, is it only illegail in Mahwah? I think you should wear your best grass skirt to court. 🙂

  2. And a coconut bra.

  3. it was a michigan state license plate holder. and i’ll have to check the weather but your suggestions have an attraction to them…

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