171 Days Until Next Election


4 thoughts on “171 Days Until Next Election

  1. ha! i’ve always maintained that unless you vote you have no right to complain.

    • actually, i feel the same way – just a different spin. sadly – no one pays attention until it is time to vote.

      a few years back, someone asked me who i was voting for and i said, “obama.” they said, “ok, then i will too.” instantly, i was astounded – what? aren’t you going to research? what are your beliefs? what if you don’t like – obama? where are your principles? they didn’t have a clue and come to find out they weren’t even registered to vote. this is where you want to cry and rant, “this is what is wrong with this country.” but, it is their freedom – to be clueless.

      • My sister always says, “I will not register to vote because I don’t want to be responsible for either result. I don’t know who they are and honestly won’t research them. And I will not complain about the results.” And she never does.

        It took years for my social studies-teaching mother to realize that the “right to vote” also includes the right to abstain. And we are all proud of her acknowledging that she is the last person who should choose because she doesn’t know and doesn’t care. Do we wish she would form an interest and vote? Sure. But until then, I’m glad she isn’t. And it’s true – she never complains.

        I, on the other hand, complain all the time. And I can, because I voted.

        Now regarding the actual cartoon…. I blame the Electoral College, not the individual voters. I have voted in 5 presidential elections and NOT ONCE has the Michigan EC mirrored my vote. They have always been opposite of what I’ve wanted.

  2. Well…I am 2 for 2. You should blame your neighbors.

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