remember the days when a college education gave you a huge leg up over everyone else?  me either.




3 thoughts on “bummer.

  1. Coming from someone who only can list some college on her resume – it is still important to get your college education. I still plan on going back and finishing – I was just tired of wasting money, because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up! Once, I figure that out – I will go back. Just for a personal goal and not a financial goal. But, I firmly believe – education is a vital key to help our economy.

  2. you are a great illustration of the article’s main point, which is that generic college degrees, while kind-of helpful in a non-specific sort of way (esp. in today’s economy) are most helpful when they a) give you a marketable skill, and b) you have an idea what you’re going to do with it. otherwise it’s an awfully expensive hobby.

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