I am speechless

I know this is going viral and everybody is talking about it so I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. But, does this Pastor know that my parents were straight? In fact, most of my gay friends’ parents were straight.

But, I really have no comment for the crazy.



5 thoughts on “I am speechless

  1. sigh. sadly, stupid people do reproduce. what a dumb thing to say.

  2. Everyone says stupid things, but when it’s said from a pulpit, it always seems so much worse. And this is So SOOOO much worse. Ugh.

    -10 points for the Christian Right.

  3. oh, he doesn’t deserve to be called a Christian.

  4. I find it enormously embarrassing to be from the state that gave rise to pastors like this. sigh.

    • Don’t be embarrassed – not all of NC share the same views as this Pastor. This guy reflects a small amount of people and I just pray that they find peace. This pastor just needs to be thrown out, because he is a bad apple.

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