seriously, wisconsin?

so i’m currently in madison, wisconsin on business, staying at a hotel down on capital square.  the other day i saw a small (25-30 maybe) group of people gathered together for what looked like a protest.  with guitars.  and someone chalked an ungrammatical sentence on the sidewalk having to do with things not being over yet.  


the overwhelming sense i have of madison is that it’s too progressive for its own good.  and earnest, progressive madisonians seem kind of silly to me.  that’s not meant to be an intellectual or well-researched statement — just an impression. but it’s a strong impression.


I am still ticked at Fast & Furious

But, I loved hearing today’s news about Obamacare. Finally, insurance companies will be fair and competitive with their rates.  I know some may disagree, but I work in an ER – we already had socialized health care – this helps out everyone.

On a side note, I enjoy reading David Frum‘s blogs – he is a conservative. He was even a speech writer for Bush. This is a guy you could have a conservation with about politics and not get blasted with insults. I think…I haven’t seen him on television. I could be wrong. I just wish some conservatives would listen to this guy and not jerks like limbaugh.

I still don’t like Mitt

but, I am devastated over the whole fast and furious thing. What am I to do? Ron Paul has been very consistent and honestly – will Congress or the Senate allow him to remove all government programs? Most likely, not. So, I am a gambling woman and I say, let’s write in Ron Paul for president 2012.

And, it looks like his supporters are not giving up on this man.