is the preference cascade beginning?

i’ve certainly noticed it in my neighborhood.  (HT: instapundit)


7 thoughts on “is the preference cascade beginning?

  1. Maybe. Personally, I love the guy, but he isn’t perfect and it isn’t a perfect system. But, I did donate a whole lot more in 2008 than I am in 2012, but it had more to do with Bush. Hmmmm….am I guilty of this as well?

  2. Snarkster, why would you assume that it’s something to feel guilty about? Some of us think it’s a good thing. lol ;D

    I have to say, as a right-winger, I’m constantly shocked by the number of people still sporting “Obama ’08” stickers on their bumpers. I find myself muttering, “How’s that working out for you?” or “yeah…. scraping it off would look tacky and probably attract the secret service.”

    And then I make a new snarky friend and find out that people actually like Prez. Obabma and his politics. And not just the big-name issues, but most of his politics! And I’m flaberghasted. Which means either I’m too tight with my big-business, Bible-thumping cronies, or… yes, there has been a huge juggling act going on and a preference cascade is starting. (Although it’s more likely a blend of the two.)

    • I think our brains are just wired differently. I don’t think you are wound too tight 🙂 But, I think most Americans would prefer a moderate republican over a conservative democrat in the white house.

      Oh, and I lost my Obama ’08 bumper magnet at the car wash. I may have to donate to get a new one.

      • Oh, that just ain’t right! ROFL. Now I know how I got that stuck to my muffler. I must’ve been the car behind you. Ewwww!!!!

        I’m not sure about that other thing. Out of curiosity, what do see as the primary differences between a Conservative Dem. and Liberal Rep.?

      • That may depend on your answer. I am sure we can all agree that Bush was not a fiscal conservative republican. He was socially conservative but that man knew how to spend some money. And, I believe that Clinton was a conservative spender. Republicans couldn’t stand him because he was a democrat and I also believe the same goes for Obama. So, my conclusion is people would prefer a moderate republican over a conservative democrat or just a democrat in the white house.

        Oh, I also forgot to add in your first comment – in 2008, I lost my job right before Christmas. I was unemployed for a year and a half, but I did find a job and now I am doing just well. So, I guess you could say I am enjoying the hope and change.

  3. My baby was born in 2008, too. However, I can’t credit that one to Obama. (It’s also not Bush’s fault. ROFL)

    I didn’t mind Clinton nearly as much as I do Obama. He wasn’t my pick, but I didn’t find life too awful during his run. I did not, however, appreciate the Lewinski thing. I know liberals were saying we should let it go because it was private life. That would be totally OK had the affair been in a seedy motel. (Or an upscale one. Or a car.) But, he worked for the people which means a quickie in the Oval Office is “on company property during company hours” and there are very few places where that is allowed. I’ve known people who have been fired on the spot for it whether it was because they confessed it to management, or because they were found out. Hence, the totally justified impeachment. Sad, really. If you’re gonna get impeached, do something worth it. Don’t boink an aide.

    Bush2 had the bad fortune of having 9/11 happen in his first year of presidency. I can’t imagine any president NOT going to war after that – and that certainly creates a spending issue. His downfall was to let it spiral out and become other wars that weren’t entirely related to Bin Laden. I imagine, if it were me, that on the heels of that tragedy and sending the troops out to retaliate/prevent/whatever those specifically responsible, the lines of different sects of terrorism would blur. And then add in the reports of WMD – faulty or not – I’d have a knee-jerk reaction to make sure we aren’t being targeted again. I imagine it was similar for Bush2. And knee-jerk reactions are NEVER appropriate for presidents to make. And it’s a hard thing to pull out of. I’d be really interested to get my hands on a time machine and see if he’d do it all the same, given the info he has now. (Well, I guess that info would include where to find the bad guys, so…excluding that.) Hubby found his jobs during the Bush eras. In fact, he found several. He only lost one due to economy/downsizing (others were purposeful job changes), but found replacements during the Bush years, too. So the hope and change for us aren’t in the Obama column.

    Obama is a whole different thing. I can’t wrap my head around him. I hear what he says. I see what he does. Some I agree with, some I don’t, some I don’t care. But at my gut level – I don’t trust him. I can’t put my finger on why. It was a feeling I got during the campaign. He was such a captivating speaker. Amazing! And that smile! He was saying many right things at the right time. But whenever he stopped talking, I have a couple slow blinks and I’d realize I had the Kool-Aid at my lips. And I think that’s why the idea of the “preference cascade” strikes me as a valid theory.

    Clinton had his right-wing bashers, but after the Lewinski fiasco also had some Dems distancing from him. Bush had his left-wing bashers, but eventually some of the Reps distanced themselves, too. In fact, it seems like in every presidency it happens at some point. But I very, very rarely hear Dems criticizing Obama or distancing themselves from him – and it’s not because he’s perfect. It’s because he’s got them all spellbound. Or worse, he’s convinced them of what Driscoll says, “that disapproval of his personal or official conduct is immoral.”

    • So, where do we go from here? How do we dig ourselves out of this deep recession without adding a penny to the deficit or hiking up taxes? I think we are just stalling – we get the engine to kick in, but then it backfires and we roll back to where we started. I think if everyone coorperated and put in a little effort we could push our way out, but no one wants to get their suit dirty. I believe the people who supported Obama in ’08 are disappointed, but the other choice in Mitt – he isn’t our answer. Maybe we should just write in Ccongressman Paul. Get rid of the whole system and see what happens.

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