So, where do we go from here? How do we dig ourselves out of this deep recession without adding a penny to the deficit or  hiking up taxes? I think we are just stalling – we get the engine to kick in, but then it backfires and we roll back to where we started. I think if everyone coorperated and put in a little effort we could push our way out, but no one wants to get their suit dirty.

So, tell me – show me – how do we reduce the debt and get this economy moving forward?


4 thoughts on “Frustrated

  1. Scrap the dollar and go back to trading chickens and veggies for services.

    Pick your mobile plan:
    2 chickens and 12 eggs a month: 300 anytime min, unlimited data
    4 chickens and 18 eggs a month: 1200 anytime min, unlimited data
    7 chickens and 24 eggs a month: unlimited anytime min, unlimited data

    It’s the best I’ve got – I’m not an economist.

  2. doing things to support the corporate sector would help. i know people rail against capitalists and corporate fat cats but everyone benefits when businesses prosper. shareholders make money which stimulates the economy. businesses make money which then enables them to invest in new ventures which also stimulates the economy. and i’m with bill clinton: we should extend the bush tax cuts.

    and don’t ever EVER do anything to emulate europe.

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