15,673,229,738,379 Us Debt

Yesterday, I was feeling blah for about 10 minutes – I got over it. I do that often. Basically, I got offline and got into the real world – ya know life.

But, I have been playing with this idea for about a few months now – there must be a reason. It just won’t go away. I am one of those people in a meeting that will have this idea that is so outrageous it usally gets poo pooed. Do you think that ever stops me? No, because I love annoying people. And, sometimes my crazy idea stems from a simple idea – which people generally accept.

If you visit the website www.usdebtclock.org you will be overwhelmed with the information. You may also notice the number 57,632,250,900,000 (this number was growing and growing while I watched) this is the US National Debt. That means the average US citizen owes about $183,712 (I am sure this number changed by now) Yeah, good luck getting that from me!

Now, what if we came up with a bond that all Americans would purchase to help eliminate this debt? Sure, we have those savings bonds but they just help a general fund. No, I am talking about a serious US debt savings bond (like our old US War Bonds) – that directly involves eliminatng our debt. I don’t even think it is mathmatically possible to pay our debt the way we are doing it today.

I just need your help – I am a new blogger – I started last month – I just have a few followers, but could you inform your followers to start tweeting, facebooking and blogging about getting our government to start talking about selling our debt to the US citizens? We are selling our debt to China? We have more millionaires in the entire world – we can buy our own debt and make some money of our own down the road!!

I just had to get this out of my brain today – I want to enjoy my Friday. I hope you enjoy your week-end and God Bless America!

Check out these sites to start a savings bond today!






10 thoughts on “15,673,229,738,379 Us Debt

  1. Sounds like a good idea to me!

  2. BTW, you need to add some share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    • I thought I had some of those darn buttons. I am at work at the moment and can’t play with the blog as I would like, but I will check that out when I get home this evening. Thank you for checking out the post.

  3. While it definitely is a good idea it doesn’t actually solve the problem of the debt, just changes to whom we owe the money to. Of course it would be better for a state to owe the money to its citizens, but that creates another question. Who in their right mind believes that our credit rating should be Investment Grade?

  4. Yikes , 57,632,250,900,000 Thats the exact number of reasons my fiance has for hating me, weird coincidence that.

    I like the bonds idea, even if it makes only a tiny impact against the debt problem directly, the pride in feeling like one is making a difference and increased awareness of the situation could go a long way in making real change for the better.

    • I guess that is why I feel so passionate about it – I need to feel like I am doing something about this debt. Thanks for reading the post.

      • De Nada, as they say in France, or was it Belgium, hmmm, Arkansas maybe? ..anyway..

        I know what you mean about feeling the need to Something, ANYTHING to make difference in something that matters to you.

        One of my favorite quote is:

        “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”

        Well, we can’t change the weather but we can sure try and change a few other things in this world 🙂

      • Oh great don’t get me started on the weather! Ha

  5. Intersting idea… After all, we did that during WWII with war bonds. We’d just have to get over all that anti-government rhetoric first so people will listen to the proposal.

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