this is dumb

preaching the gospel without words is dumb.




6 thoughts on “this is dumb

  1. it is dumb b/c:

    1) it is vague in terms of what it communicates. it seems to me like holding up a John 3:16 sign at a football game — there’s content in terms of the symbolism but until the content is verbalized it’s easily (and usually) missed, except by those who already know the message. if it’s meant to be evangelism, it totally misses except by accident. words are always necessary in communicating the gospel; actions alone (though an important corroboration) aren’t enough. they’re too easy to misinterpret.

    2) as a sign or symbol or prophetic action, it also seems like it misses. reminds me of some scripture that goes, “true religion is this: to feed the orphans and care for the widows in their distress.” seems like a waste of energy and effort to me in a culture where wild and out-there gestures are easily dismissed.

    3) it just seems silly, and i’m on the same team. earnestness and sincerity are lovely, but usually not enough and often misguided.

  2. Sometimes the Holy Spirit moves us and makes us do things that may seem dumb – we don’t know why we are doing them, but when you put all the pieces together – it could be a beautiful message. All this kid knows is that God wants that cross in Washington DC on July 13th – maybe we could help with the words? Maybe the Holy Spirit will give the words to someone else? I am looking forward to hearing more of God’s message.

  3. um, maybe. if he were one of my students i’d want to know how he knows that god wants him to walk a cross to washington d.c. i know that the biblical prophets were called to do some pretty strange things, but this is not in that category of activity. i hope he has a nice trip, but as i said above, if anything salvific comes from this it will be accidental.

  4. Yes to both. If his message is to the “unsaved” then it misses the point because as Snipey said, there are no words accompanying it. Not only that, but they would think he’s just another crazy Christian.

    Perhaps it’s possible that he’s not evangelizing to the “unsaved” but to those who are living in a gray area. Those people hear the words all the time and think simply being a good person is all it takes. People who have grown up with the words but have never made the actual decision to follow Jesus. Maybe a visual reminder is something that makes them stop and think about just how much suffering there was and just how much they are disregarding it as if it was no big deal?

    I disagree with the thought that “if anything salvific comes from this it will be accidental.” Kind of. It would be accidental in terms of the kid’s plan to use it as an effective tool.

    But since it IS such a dumb way of evangelizing, it could be argued that IF anything salvific comes of it, it would necessarily be by divine intervention – and that is *not* accidental.

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