good grief, charlie brown!



4 thoughts on “good grief, charlie brown!

  1. Very entertaining video, but I hear explanations not excuses. I do blame the bush tax cuts. It is in the center of our economic mess. It is the foundation of the madness! Fix the foundation and you can build securely without worrying about a collapse.

    • sorry; i don’t buy for a second that the bush tax cuts are the heart of the problem. not even remotely. and i find this amusing: people either complain b/c bush spent too much or they complain b/c he cut taxes too much. i’ll agree that he spent a lot but the current admin has spent more. i think part of the problem lies with obama’s quasi-vendetta against corporate america. if you want to grow an economy you can’t hobble the very means by which profits are made, innovation is funded, and jobs (and thus salaries) are created. and no-one ever EVER should use europe as a model or reason for doing ANYTHING.

      • Not even their Holiday days? I would love to have more vacation days.

        But, back to your point Bush did both – spent too much and cut taxes – I believe the Clinton years were the best years for public and private sector, why can’t we just go back to those days? And, it would be nice if those corporations did something for us – I want a high speed rail system – why won’t they design one for me?

  2. Resounding applause. Thank you for making me laugh so early in the morning!

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