not your typical conversion story

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6 thoughts on “not your typical conversion story

  1. Now, this is just my opinion. I would be a Lincoln republican in a heart beat! But, today’s republicans are not Lincoln’s republicans. In stead, you have folks like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter speaking for your people and, well, I don’t care for those lunatics. You should have folks out there like Condalisa Rice, Colin Powell or Jon Huntsman speaking for your party – they don’t attack people, but try to come up with resolutions for the issues.

  2. They are out there. They just aren’t as loud.

  3. I liked that she said:”To be clear, I am not a Republican, and do not believe the party is synonymous with Christian values.”

    I think it’s ok to be whatever party (or no party) that fits your political beliefs. It’s when morals and politics collide that terms like Republican and Christian start to get combined. “The Christian Right” for example is often heard, but you don’t often hear of “The Christian Left”. Is it because it doesn’t exist? I’d say Snarkster would disagree – of course it exists.

    People tend to find the party that suits the majority of their needs or world view. In the author’s case, she was voting democrat because she was black. In her own mind, she had equated the two. But at some point she identified more with Christ than with her race and that changed her priority list. It doesn’t mean that the issues important to blacks are no longer important to her, but that there are new things that she never thought about before that suddenly are. Not enough to turn her into a republican, but enough to make her stop and think before just pulling the straight ticket level.

    And good for her. I would follow her example, but the waves and waves of media to decipher give me a headache. I can’t simply vote straight ticket, but I also can’t research every single person on the ballot to the fullest extent I need. So, I make sure I know the biggies and wing it from there.

    • A few years back, I was not impressed with our democratic governor. So, I voted for a libertarian – whew, it’s a good thing he didn’t get elected – about a year later he was arrested for some illegal activities. I generally pick and choose when I vote, i liked our republican congressman Mike Castle, but the tea party favorite (Christine not a witch) knocked him out, the republicans lost their seat and now a democrat sits there instead. But, now I just believe we should have term limits on our Congress and Senate. Who knows, if that will ever happen.

      • Yes! I think any position of power should have term limits. The downside of that is when you have someone you really like, they have to leave, too and sometimes you get an awful replacement. (I feel like I’m misused commas there. I don’t know.)

      • At least, they will work for us and not work so hard to get re-elected.

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