Can someone explain to me

Why do millionaires spend millions and millions of dollars to political parties just to avoid being taxed? I bet there millions would help reduce the U.S debt.




5 thoughts on “Can someone explain to me

  1. I read the article and I don’t see where it says they are doing it to avoid taxes. Sure, it may be a side-personal benefit, but it’s unfair to say that’s why they do it. It’s possible that they are doing it because the want to see a certain candidate win because they are tired of the current policies. Imagine 2008 when people were so fed up with Bush and the Republicans, that all they wanted was Change. Lots of people started donating simply to guarantee that McCain wouldn’t win and continue Bush politics. And now, lots of people are unhappy with Obama (which is likely why conservatives are the top 2 on your list.)

    And it’s not just the rich who aren’t feeding Tyrannosaurs Debt. Come tax time, I find any deduction I can. Don’t you? Don’t you cringe when you have to pay in more or air-five yourself when you get a refund? I deduct my kids. When I had a home business, I deducted a percentage of my mortgage interest, electric bill, gas bill, internet bill…. I deduct the cost of driver’s licence and plate renewal (in Michigan, you can), and yes – I deduct charitable contributions. I start tax season owing a thousand and by the time I’m done with LEGAL deductions, I might get back a thousand. Or like one year, I got back $1. And I was EXCITED!

    And I don’t feel bad for doing it.

    Sure, I’m not rich. But every penny counts. If every one of the USA’s 313,789,296 citizens gave 1 cent, we could cut $3,137,892.96 off. Yeah, I know – rich people have more pennies to give. I don’t disagree. I’m just showing how every cent matters. Lots of tiny deductions here and there on the taxes of the little people don’t help decrease the National Dept, either. If you condemn the rich from contributing to tax write-offs, then you condemn me, a poor person, as well. I’m not doing anything differently than they are. I’m just doing it with a smaller starting base. And I won’t ever become “rich” if I don’t take every advantage given me.

    Side note:
    Why spend the money on politics? Because THEY CAN. America isn’t a socialist government. Yes rich people give to Super PACs that give to candidates… BUT ALSO rich people give to charities and foundations. Yes, charitable donations are write-offs so the national debt still isn’t getting fed, but at least this money goes toward helping people. (They may not be donating to the cause *I* think is most important. Some are to universities, some to foundations, some to brain science research, and yes: some to public services.)

    America’s top 50 donors gave a total of $10.4-billion in 2011 to non-profits. Twenty-nine people on the list donated $50-million or more, compared with 22 in 2010.

    Amounts of the top 5:

    1) 6 billion
    2) 500 million
    3) 372.6 million
    4) 335 million
    5) 311.3 million

  2. Oh, the article wasn’t about tax evasion. It was just about the super pac and all their money. And, my brain immediately thought why do they spend so much money to avoid being taxed. The majority of the GOP congressmen signed Norquist’s pledge not to raise taxes.
    But, you brought up some wonderful points. Being a single person, I get taxed highly and I have no deductibles – nada. So, practically one paycheck a month goes to the government. And, I hate it, but I like my freedom so I pay my taxes.

    But, wouldn’t it be nice to check off – like when you donate to the United Way – select the areas of government you want your money to go? I would want my money to go to the military, national debt and education. The most important investments of our nation.

    I didn’t read your philanthropy article, but I plan on doing it immediately.

  3. I would love to be able to check off where my taxes go. I like the three you’ve chosen. Does military include space exploration cause ‘m quite fond of the idea that my son will be on the first manned mission to Mars.

    And I’m ok with the GOP not voting to raise taxes for now. And if they do have to, in very, very small increments, We are very month-to-month here since we don’t live on credit so a tax raise, even for the best intentions, has the potential to put us on the street. And I’m not confident that those taxes would be spend helping us with some government program. We already don’t qualify for any of them.

    However, in order to kill the Tyrannosaurus Debt, taxes will eventually need to go up. Blech.

  4. Yes. Flat tax!!! I still don’t understand why we don’t do it that way. It’s good enough for God and his tithe. He didn’t say the rich had to pay a bitithe.

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