holder must go

and so should the liars he works for.  (HT: Instapundit)


2 thoughts on “holder must go

  1. “White House spokesman Jay Carney on Thursday vehemently defended President Obama’s decision to assert executive privilege over the documents and said the administration has given Congress everything related to Fast and Furious.”

    If everything has been handed over, then P.Obama wouldn’t need to assert executive privilege, would he? Unless it’s something that incriminates Obama himself… and that would be bad for the election. This might just be a lose-lose situation for him.

    If he did something in there worth hiding, he could lose the election.

    If he didn’t, then he shouldn’t have used executive privilege because it looks like a cover up. And a cover up in an election year – even a perceived cover up – is hard to get past.

    If he didn’t do anything that needs to be hidden, he should’ve distanced himself from holder at the start. If he tried to distance himself now, it looks like a campaign move by a chicken. His reversal would have to be very carefully worded with “I made a mistake” thrown in. Admitting a dumb move and then correcting it goes a lot farther for those on the fence for him. It shows integrity and character which are a few of the things I have the biggest issues with.

    It will be interesting to see how he handles this.

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