“i hear the sound of a bus revving…”

and i think holder’s about to be thrown under it.


3 thoughts on ““i hear the sound of a bus revving…”

  1. Yeah, this whole issue is bad news – I can’t defend this action. I think I am just going to bury my head in sand for the next four and half years.

  2. This rarely happens for me so excuse me a sec while I pat myself on the back for the comments I made earlier on the similar post. It sounds similar to what I was saying, but I didn’t include any references to Bush 43. (pat pat pat… I’m so smart. Ahhhhhhhh).

    OK. done now.

    Sorry, Snarky. Well, i’m not sorry that it looks like your guy is going down. But I am sorry that it makes you sad. But I can tell you’re still optimistic since you think it will only cause your ostrich-like hiding for 4.5 years instead of 8.5. Good for you for positive thinking.

    • that is just how i roll 🙂 when Ron Paul becomes president – we might actually get things done around here. Yeah, I am going to vote for Paul – Mittens is just not the man for me.

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