I still don’t like Mitt

but, I am devastated over the whole fast and furious thing. What am I to do? Ron Paul has been very consistent and honestly – will Congress or the Senate allow him to remove all government programs? Most likely, not. So, I am a gambling woman and I say, let’s write in Ron Paul for president 2012.

And, it looks like his supporters are not giving up on this man.




6 thoughts on “I still don’t like Mitt

  1. He’s seems to be closer to Mitt’s political ideals than Obama’s. I haven’t looked to hard at him yet, but a quick scan of the issues most candidates bullet-point makes him appear much farther right of center that I would’ve thought you’d be comfortable with. In another post, you mentioned the three things you’d want your taxes to go toward if you could: military, national debt and education. And yet, Paul’s ideas include:

    > cut Homeland Security by 20% and the Department of Defense budget by total 15%; eliminate all foreign war funding (military)

    > permanently extend the Bush admin tax cuts (national debt)

    > in 2008 said, “the federal government has absolutely no role in education” and in 2011 said “We should get rid of the Department of Education” (education)

    > Not to mention “marriage is between one man and one woman” and he has been a cosponsor of the Defense of Marriage Act “to ensure that no state would be forced to recognize a same sex marriage license issued in another state.” That said, he also thinks the federal government should step out of ALL marriage related issues, not just same-sex marriage (“governments would enforce contracts and grant divorces but otherwise have no say in marriage”).

    So, in light of this small bullet list, I’m really curious as to why you like Ron Paul more than Mittens? I know there are tons more issues than just these. But when thinking of previous blog posts that have pushed your “issues” buttons, I’m a little flummoxed with your new choice for Prez.

    Granted, my info is from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_positions_of_Ron_Paul which may be out of date or inaccurate, but when visiting his website http://www.ronpaul2012.com/the-issues/ I couldn’t find answers to some specific issues. It’s possible that everything above is wrong 😀 , but it all had footnote/references so I hope it’s accurate enough for this discussion.

  2. I keep wondering why it says no comments even though there is one. Question is now, will it say there are still none, 1, or 2?

  3. Nope, only one message. Maybe, you had a message ready, but it was just in your head. I do it all the time.

  4. Odd. now I see three comments, but it says two. And after I post this, it will show 4 comments but only say 3. And I worked so hard on that first one!!!!Am I the only person who can see it? (It talks about Ron Paul being so far from Obama…

  5. is it in your draft box? i still don’t have it. yes, ron and obama are so far away on a lot of issues. but, i guess, i want to see what the republicans on this hill will fight for. i will call it an experiment. 🙂

  6. apparently, it was sitting in a section for my approval. but, what i imagined you saying was pretty accurate in my head. 🙂 and, you are so right – i would probably cringe and vomit if he got rid of our military and education, but i want to see a good fight – maybe we will suddenly get the republicans and democrats to agree on something and get busy on getting this country working again.

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