Does Mitt Have Aspergers Syndrome?

I have never thought about this, but it does raise the question. And, I wonder…


Does Mitt Have Aspergers Syndrome?.


I am lazy

And, I think lazy people have the best ideas and inventions. I am always thinking – there has got to be an easier way. Sometimes, I can let my imagination get out of control and sometimes – I think my ideas are the bomb! Even if I am the only one that appreciates it.

Yesterday, I invented a power rolling sun visor for cars. Imagine sitting in your car and pushing a button and a sun visor rolls down over the wind shield. I know brilliant! Instead, we have to look under the seat for that awkward size of contraption and fight with it to stay in place.

Now, my problem is I am not going to call Chevy or Ford and share my idea. I am lazy. I just think the ideas and introduce the idea out in public hoping a go-getter, full of money and energy – thinks – I can do this! I am going to do this!

Am I a fool, most likely. I just don’t have know-how to get a job done. A few years ago, I invented a magnetic story book for children. I was lazy – I had to do a school project and thought what is the easiest and fastest way to get this project done. I didn’t realize – it was a great concept until I went to class and did my presentation. The instructor said, “You have a gold mine!” So, I contacted a lawyer – I met with him and gave him a retainer of $2,600 (money I really didn’t have) and there it sat – my retainer in la la land for months. Then I realized, I should pay my taxes, because they are due and this guy isn’t working on my pattan. So, I contacted the lawyer and told to him to scratch the idea.

A year later, in the book isle was a magnetic story book. I was devasted for a minute and then thought – I had a good idea. Since then, I invented flashlight umbrellas, portable backscratchers and other odd things.

Did you know that two people were working on the lightbulb at the same time? Rumor has it Edison tripped the other guy on the way to get the pattan office. I am kidding – I made that up. But, how is it two guys were working on it at the same time? I bet you a dollar that three guys were in a pub chatting away and the lazy guy said, “Ya know, someone needs to develop a permanent light – so we don’t have to go home with the sun goes down.” And, then the guys thought, “I could do this!” And, raced off to invent the lightbulb.

Now, I am coming to my point – Edison invented the light bulb, but did he do it all by himself? No, he did not. Did Mark Zuckerberg develop facebook all by himself? No, he stole the idea. Do you get where I am going? Companies and small business owners get help – they don’t do it all by themselves. Did Ford invent the Model-t? He got credit, but I bet you he had a friend with an idea – and he had the know-how.

So, anyone out there who has the know how to get powered rolling sun visors, get the job done!