Does Mitt Have Aspergers Syndrome?

I have never thought about this, but it does raise the question. And, I wonder…


Does Mitt Have Aspergers Syndrome?.


6 thoughts on “Does Mitt Have Aspergers Syndrome?

  1. “I wonder if we can afford a president with Aspergers, a president with no empathy at a time when so many Americans are suffering.”


    Aspies have empathy. I know because my Aspie son has it in spades. The problem is not that they lack the empathy, but they lack the standard way of expressing it. Things they do often have that confuse the issue are monotone voice, problems reading and creating proper facial expressions, and sensory Issues (example, someone on the spectrum may not give hugs at times when they are most needed).

    In fact, I’d say Aspies are more empathetic than most – but have a harder time showing it and it’s usually misread.

    Meanwhile, the original question: I don’t care. And I resent the implication that the author makes that Aspies shouldn’t be president.

    I’m a bit mama bear on the Aspergers issue. I don’t ever want me son to think there’s something that he can’t or shouldn’t do because he has Aspergers. Yes, there are things that he shouldn’t do.
    1) Fireman. He doesn’t have typical pain sensors and wouldn’t know (and in the past actually hasn’t known) if he’s being burned.
    2) Rock climbing. He isn’t yet strong enough and he lacks coordination.
    3) Book on Tape reader. He has a lateral list that makes him sound like he’s swearing when he says things like sit or ashes.

    OK – #2 and #3 can be trained out of if he’d exercise and follow his speech teacher’s directions.

    What an appalling article.

    • Also, an Aspie for Prez would be driven more by the rational argument than by the whims of people around him. Just the facts, ma’am.

    • Personally, I don’t know much about the diagnosis. I recently heard about this condition from my sister-in-law. Her husband, an alcoholic couldn’t adapt in social settings – he would say inappropriate things and just drink. She gave him an ultimatum – get sober or divorce. He chose to be sober and started seeing a psychiatrist – she diagnosed him with AS. A diagnosis helps people understand why someone does an action or says the things they say. The author feels that Mitt lacks empathy – and with that he shouldn’t be our President. I agree with that statement. I am not sure of the Author’s gender, but they may not understand the diagnosis – I know, I don’t. I thought people who lack empathy were diagnosed with attachment disorder. But, I am not stating that a person with AS couldn’t be president. But, a person who doesn’t understand people’s pain or understand why a dog on a car roof is a bad choice – they couldn’t be my president.

  2. Nope, he definitely doesn’t have Asperger’s. My husband is in the field of mental health care, and I have worked in the field in the past. One trait from the people I know who have it is that they tend to be brutally honest. They are a bit awkward, but oh-so earnest and often quite charming in their own way. Mitt has none of these qualities from what I have gathered.

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