jumped the… oh, never mind

pardon the interruption, crickets.  i haven’t been posting anything recently due to surviving the last throes of summer and trying to duck the convention nonsense/hysteria.  but i read this article today (just now, in fact) and am linking it for sanity’s sake.

it’s becoming more and more apparent that conservatives and liberals are occupying (heh) two different planes of reality.  sometimes i wonder if communication between the two is even possible (with the noteable exception of the Snarkster, of course).  sigh.


One thought on “jumped the… oh, never mind

  1. I know, I have lacked blogging during this time, because I am just so frustrated with people (my mother) and the media. I wanted to put my energy into something better like crafting – it is great therapy. All I know, is that two people from different sides of the isle think and respond differently than the other side. So, I just have to accept that I am not going to change (my mother’s) or the other parties’ minds – and during this fun and exciting time in our country – I hope I don’t drive 800 miles to visit my mom just to strangle her or take away her computer just to perserve my sanity.

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