On Fire!

Wow! I love her energy!




3 thoughts on “On Fire!

  1. Yes, Michigan!

    When someone says that there are 19,000 new jobs here and 9,000 new job there and well, 1 million jobs saved, it reminds me of a man I know who tell us, “I lost 3 pounds this week.” Then, it’s 4. then it’s 2. He’s been saying it for years. By all mathematical standards, he should weigh -120. Because he never tells us when he’s gained.

    I’m not saying it’s only the Dems here. It goes both ways.

    The Dems talk about all the jobs saved/gained, but never about all the jobs lost. 211,000 jobs gained in Michigan!!! But we still have people losing jobs. I know that because Every couple weeks my husband comes home telling me that they’ve been downsized again. So, is the 211,000 a NET gain? To hear Granholm tell it, there are millions of new jobs and no one losing any! That’s inaccurate. An no, she’s didn’t say that, but it’s implied. Sure, Michigan’s unemployment rate is dropping (woo hoo), but wait. It’s dropping because the unemployed are leaving the state (according to a CNN report). Which means other states probably have an increase in unemployment.

    Enter the Reps…
    The Reps point out how these other states have rising unemployment. They don’t mention it’s because the unemployed are coming from Michigan. And they talk about all the jobs lost under Obama. But they don’t mention how many jobs gained. Again I ask, are the numbers toted out NET loss? To hear the Republican’s tell it, everyone is losing jobs and no one is getting hired anywhere!

    I think both sides need to be a little more inclusive with the numbers so we have accuracy on both sides.

    Which really isn’t the point of your post. Granholm is quite the speaker. So was Obama once upon a time. Clinton. Kennedy. I may not always agree with the Left, but I can say this: They can fire up a crowd something fierce! We have Mitt? Meh. Bush? no…. Other Bush? Meh…. Reagan? He’s was good. Ryan’s a great speech giver, even if you don’t like his politics. Some people are born speech givers and can fire up a a crowd and hold attention like it’s as easy as breathing. Granholm is one of those. I’ll bet she gets a nod for a Prez or VP nomination in the next decade or so.

    • Ya know when I hear stats and numbers given by politicians – I never really believe the number, but I loved her energy. And, I like to think positive so I like the positive things that are happening during this recession. But, I think Governors have a big influence on how your state does – Delaware is doing much, much better now. I see a lot of construction and buildings being built – however, in my small little town there is a section of closed businesses. Which, makes me sad – I wish I could develop or design something to bring those businesses back.

  2. I just realized, Granholm won’t be tagged for Prez ever. Poor Canadian.

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