50 Days Until We Vote

I think this is why I have been quiet during this time. We are preaching to the choir during this time. The ones that pay attention already know who they are voting for. At least, I know that I am not delusional thinking I am going to inspire you to vote my way!


3 thoughts on “50 Days Until We Vote

  1. Yeah I know I’m not going to change anyone’s vote but when I imagine how bad it might be with Mitt Romney……..

  2. I will be writing an article about consortium claims shortly, so look for that regarding my opinion on whether they are worth pursuing. As far as witnesses showing emotion, it’s a matter of degree — some people go way over the top, which can hurt cryiebdliti. Genuine, natural emotion (no wailing and rending of garments) is to be expected.

  3. I don’t have kids but when I a with my niece and nephews, I try to distract them by doing anything…A lot of times, it is a plea for attention and so I give it to them…they are young and it goes so fast, why not.

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