i HATE Cancer

Chemo was on Tuesday and it kicked her ass again. She is finally awake and watching the food channel. I think she watches it like people watch sporting events. She shakes her head, nods, comments about the chef. I honestly don’t get it, but I never liked being in the kitchen. However, Toni loves to cook. I am sure she misses hanging out in the kitchen creating a master piece – trust me, I have enjoyed plenty of her master pieces!

Sorry, posts are scarce – it is hard for me to write when I am emotionally depressed. I just hate seeing Toni in so much pain. So, she is having a better day and so am I.

I have friends coming over today and they are taking me out while Toni gets to hang out with her sister, Linda. I wouldn’t know what to do without Toni’s family – they are such a loving family and help us out with so many things. Now, I just wished they would stop arguing with each other about who loves Toni the most. 😀

Okay, I must go shower! Thank you for your prayers!!



One thought on “i HATE Cancer

  1. I did it again – this post was suppose to go to Toni’s blog – talktimewithtoni. I wonder about me sometimes.

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