Political Crap

Wow! It has been three years since I have blogged about politics. After Toni passed away from cancer – I just didn’t care. Does it really matter? I didn’t have a voice for it anymore, because I didn’t recognize my own voice any longer.

Honestly, I think it may have been guilt. In 2012, we were watching the election to see if Barack Obama gets a second term. Toni got up and went to the bathroom – she came out and said, “Not feeling well. I just vomited. I am going to bed.” I didn’t look up from my computer monitor and said, “I hope you feel better – I will tell you who wins in the morning.” I was so preoccupied with this political crap that I didn’t even notice Toni and her condition.

And, I know she wasn’t angry or hostile for ignoring her at that moment. She knew how passionate I was about the election. But, I felt that –  that election night distracted me from seeing the cancer eat away at my wife.

So, fast forward three years and here I sit. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write a post or not. But, I found my blog and by golly actually remembered the password. On Monday, I watched the Iowa caucus – I was curious. All I know, is tomorrow, I am finally going to get registered to vote here in Connecticut.

What we have here in this political race is one hot mess!




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