In 1856, I would have aligned myself with the Republican party. Abraham Lincoln was the leader to end slavery.  The Republican party supported Transcontinental Railroad, State University Program, National Currency and Protective Tariffs. Democrats who dominated the South opposed any big government deals. When did the parties switch? When did the South start calling themselves Republicans? Maybe I should do more research on this topic, but it has bugged me for years so right now, I just need to share my thoughts on this subject.

By, 1930 the parties switched. Or, did they? What if businesses were the real culprit? The railroad needed a railroad to get products out West. So, it was in their favor to align themselves with the Republican party. We needed a national currency so we can buy products the trains were delivering. We needed our country to purchase our own goods so the Protective Tariffs became effective to halt import sales.

After the businesses got what they wanted and didn’t want the government meddling in their business – were they able to persuade voters to change their tune? Today, corporations buy our politicians. They take our states hostage. States beg corporations to move to their state, because corporations help our economy. We need our people to work. But, if the state even announces a tax on our corporations – they threaten to leave the state. But, states need to balance their budgets so who gets taxed? We do, the working class.

Why do we continue to allow ourselves to get used and abused? Because, corporations will leave us and we know we can’t support ourselves without them. It is an abusive cycle. A cycle that can be broken if we the people unite as one.

So, I conclude Republicans were always republican because they were the corporations. They just manipulated the parties and blurred party lines and now I call myself a democrat. The party for the people.


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