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First, let me say this out loud, I do not trust Donald Trump as a person and especially for President of the United States of America.

In my lifetime, I have heard – “don’t trust the government” and “politicians only care about being re-elected,” “there are two people in this world – one who plays in the system and the other one plays to beat the system,” I could go on and on about how the government is here to step on our rights, invade our privacy or control our money.

So, how about we play a game of pretend.

Imagine one day, the President of the United States makes an appearance on your television screen while you were watching your favorite t.v program and says the following, “Good evening citizens – your Government has heard your concerns, Congress, the Senate and I all agree that we must fix our national debt. To do so, we have decided that we will sell our debt to Corporations in this great country.” In the next six months, we will auction off our national debt by portions. We will start with our defense budget. The corporation that bids the highest will  then be responsible for our defense for the next century. And, you will no longer have to pay taxes to the federal government for one century. Thank you and God bless the United States of America.” Your program continues on as if not interrupted with such interesting news.

All across America, citizens are scratching their heads, wondering what does this mean. Folks, finally start to have conversations about our debt rather than screaming at each other about who’s party is better. The media gives you detailed reasons why this is the best or worst idea. Large groups start to protest, “Don’t sell our debt to the Koch Brothers!” – “Wal-Mart can’t defend our borders!” –  “McDonalds can’t even defend their burgers!” Groups will protest the protesters, “I want my money!” and “I earned my money and you can’t have it!”

The media begins to tell you the three biggest Corporations that are interested in the defense debt. They give you the run down on each Corporation and why they would be best for our defense. They give you all the information you will need to make a sound judgement of who should win the defense budget. Corporations start to merge, Halliburton merges with Smith & Wesson. Bank of America merges with a private military company and their corporation is now called American Strong.

In fact, AS beat out Dick Smith & Wesson in the auction and is now our Military for our national defense. USA now has walls around our borders, our defense has the technology to track every move Putin makes. Equipment and weapons are now upgraded. North Korea is concerned. ISIL is using caution with their attacks on our allies.

For the first time in history, we start to realize this Corporate America may just work. AS sells the idea to the states – we can protect your neighborhoods, your city and your citizens. The States agree and the citizens are now happy that their is no longer a tax for police protection. Another merge is needed so American Strong merges with a technology company  and become known as American Strong Systems.

American Strong Systems sends a protection plan to every American. Each plan markets which sort of protection you are willing to pay. The Bronze protection plan is free to everyone  that provides security on the streets and neighborhoods, but would include a monitoring micro chip that is implanted in your skin. The Platinum plan provides home  and detail security. And, because you are willing to pay the Platinum plan – you won’t need a monitoring micro chip.

USA is now debt free and the President of the US is asked to step down by the CEOs of every corporation that purchased our debt. They had decided that there will be a USA board room instead of Legislative and Executive branches. Each CEO is a member of the USA board. They decide to keep the Judicial branch until the Supreme Court informs them that monitoring US citizens is a violation of their rights. The Board decides it wouldn’t be if the citizens are called employees. The Board then sends each American their new job description with their salary rate and benefits package. Each American employee is informed of who their manager and director will be for problems that may arise.

Some Americans are extremely happy – they weren’t able to find work, but now a job is offered to them. They now have health insurance and aren’t afraid of losing their homes. Some Americans aren’t happy, because their manager & director wanted them to work in Texas at their new facility. And, now must be separated from their husband or wife, because their spouse was assigned another position in other states.

I can write a whole fictional book on this issue, but my point is what kind of world do we want to create for ourselves? How do we improve our government without the bickering. How do we get two parties to unite and start working on important issues rather than acting like a bunch of kids on a school play ground? As for me, I would rather be a citizen of the USA than an employee of the USA. I want to vote and feel like I have a say of who I want to represent me.

What about you? Where do you stand? What would you like to see? Do you see the pros and cons of Corporations running our lives? Do you see the pros and cons  of why Corporations should not be able to buy our politicians? Do you see that our Government is our best option – we just to work together.










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