Candace – The Snarkster

It is so hard to write about yourself. I have so many wonderful qualities that I want to share with you, but just know I am awesome.

But, these are the facts – I am originally from Michigan. I have had some college and have not finished, because I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I moved to Delaware when I was practically a baby, you know the age where you know everything. I was twenty-two and it wasn’t until I moved here that I realized I didn’t know a single thing.  I basically grew up in a sheltered bubble. 

I am in a civil union with my partner of fifteen years.  And, I work as a clerk in an emergency room so I get to see some pretty fantastic stuff. I love my life and enjoy everything God has given me – the good and the bad. All of it helped mold me. And, you probably already need to know – I love me.

I hope you enjoy the blog.




4 thoughts on “Candace – The Snarkster

  1. it’s true; she is.

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