Political Crap

Wow! It has been three years since I have blogged about politics. After Toni passed away from cancer – I just didn’t care. Does it really matter? I didn’t have a voice for it anymore, because I didn’t recognize my own voice any longer.

Honestly, I think it may have been guilt. In 2012, we were watching the election to see if Barack Obama gets a second term. Toni got up and went to the bathroom – she came out and said, “Not feeling well. I just vomited. I am going to bed.” I didn’t look up from my computer monitor and said, “I hope you feel better – I will tell you who wins in the morning.” I was so preoccupied with this political crap that I didn’t even notice Toni and her condition.

And, I know she wasn’t angry or hostile for ignoring her at that moment. She knew how passionate I was about the election. But, I felt that –  that election night distracted me from seeing the cancer eat away at my wife.

So, fast forward three years and here I sit. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write a post or not. But, I found my blog and by golly actually remembered the password. On Monday, I watched the Iowa caucus – I was curious. All I know, is tomorrow, I am finally going to get registered to vote here in Connecticut.

What we have here in this political race is one hot mess!




i HATE Cancer

Chemo was on Tuesday and it kicked her ass again. She is finally awake and watching the food channel. I think she watches it like people watch sporting events. She shakes her head, nods, comments about the chef. I honestly don’t get it, but I never liked being in the kitchen. However, Toni loves to cook. I am sure she misses hanging out in the kitchen creating a master piece – trust me, I have enjoyed plenty of her master pieces!

Sorry, posts are scarce – it is hard for me to write when I am emotionally depressed. I just hate seeing Toni in so much pain. So, she is having a better day and so am I.

I have friends coming over today and they are taking me out while Toni gets to hang out with her sister, Linda. I wouldn’t know what to do without Toni’s family – they are such a loving family and help us out with so many things. Now, I just wished they would stop arguing with each other about who loves Toni the most. 😀

Okay, I must go shower! Thank you for your prayers!!


Pump comes out and the crap begins

Literally. My goodness, my poor Toni had a day. And, not a very good one. As soon as her chemo treatment is done – she is in. She has been sleeping since five pm and I just pumped with her drugs so keep her sleeping through morning. From the sounds of her snoring – I don’t think that will be a problem.

Let’s all pray for a good day tomorrow – she deserves one!!



jumped the… oh, never mind

pardon the interruption, crickets.  i haven’t been posting anything recently due to surviving the last throes of summer and trying to duck the convention nonsense/hysteria.  but i read this article today (just now, in fact) and am linking it for sanity’s sake.

it’s becoming more and more apparent that conservatives and liberals are occupying (heh) two different planes of reality.  sometimes i wonder if communication between the two is even possible (with the noteable exception of the Snarkster, of course).  sigh.