Our Clinton Nightmare

I love Bill Clinton – sure, he disappointed me with the Lewinsky scandal, but I forgave him. And, I am certain he loves our country and fighting for the little guy. I just wish every voter would watch his 2012 DNC speech – his words were what I have been saying for the past 3.5 years. Sure, sometimes, numbers are  exaggerated, but dont’ we all do it? We exaggerate! His message was dead on.

Our Clinton Nightmare.



jumped the… oh, never mind

pardon the interruption, crickets.  i haven’t been posting anything recently due to surviving the last throes of summer and trying to duck the convention nonsense/hysteria.  but i read this article today (just now, in fact) and am linking it for sanity’s sake.

it’s becoming more and more apparent that conservatives and liberals are occupying (heh) two different planes of reality.  sometimes i wonder if communication between the two is even possible (with the noteable exception of the Snarkster, of course).  sigh.

I vote Democratic, because I just don’t like this attitude!

I vote Democratic, because I just don't like this attitude!

I am a democrat, I am not on welfare. In fact, I am not a Democrat for social programs. Quite the opposite, I think we need more regulations on welfare, medicaid and food stamps. But, then for some reason i am stomping on people’s rights. But, I am sorry, if you receive from the government – the government should be able to regulate that commodity.