ridiculous comments deserve to be ridiculed

you didn’t build that.


3 thoughts on “ridiculous comments deserve to be ridiculed

  1. I am not hip on this issue or conversation. What was Obama saying? But, if you want my honest opinion. I do agree. Rarely does one succeed all by themselves – sometimes, you get a little help. I believe employees help a business flourish or fail – do you go back to a restaurant if you had poor customer service or you ate some lousy food? I know, I wouldn’t. I tried ihop once and I won’t ever go back. But, since I have no idea what the context of this Obama quote is. I will stop typing.

  2. Yes, I go back to restaurants all the time if I have bad food or service because I know that the employees are individuals and are NOT the company and the business deserves a second chance. (My local IHOP is one of my faves.) If, however, I continue to get bad food every visit or bad services from ALL servers, *then* it’s the problem of the restaurant. The restaurant or company is built and THEN the employees are hired. But yes, the employees can help the business flourish or fail. The long-term survival *can* be altered by the employees, but only if the owner allows it. But even then – it’s the owner or manager that allows it to take that path. The owner could also fire bad servers/cooks/sales people – because the owner built the business and gets to do that.

    Meanwhile, I am geeked out that there’s a whole website devoted to the new meme!!! My fave so far was
    Gore: “I invented the internet.”
    Obabma: “OK, you did build that.”

    • I tried ihop twice – i was so grossed out that i can’t go back. now, i love to go to pizza hut, but there is an employee that works there that drives me crazy so i haven’t gone in so long. i wonder if i really still love it. 🙂 but, you know there is a recession when you finally get wonderful customer service – for a year now, i have been impressed with our local shops and customer service. but, you enjoy the new meme – it isn’t my cup of tea – maybe, because i didn’t build it. Ha!!

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